When Heaven Gained A Hockey Team

There’s a place in the stars 

Where a clearing appears

There they gather to play

Shouting laughter and cheers

Sporting green, gold, and white

They glide with such grace

Cross the ice just like glass

In this ethereal space

Zero danger in sight

No debris to be seen

In a time far away

From two thousand eighteen

Broken bones are now mended

And all scars disappeared

Were lifted from wreckage

When the angels appeared

Carried to a place where

The game can be finished

Where their souls can survive

With their gifts undiminished

When you see the snowflakes

Sprinkle soft from up high

Shredded ice from their skates

Floating down from the sky

It’s a sign that they’re happy

There’s no need to worry

All sixteen are thriving

The proof’s in the flurry

This country is bonded 

By the love of the game

And the sight of these boys

Take us down memory lane

Of trophies, hot chocolate

And blisters from laces

The six am practices

With smiles on their faces

The hundreds of weekends

That were lived at the rink

Cheered on by proud Dads

With that hockey bag stink

The puck will still drop

And the arenas will cry

For the heroes who skate

At the pond in the sky.


Written by Afton Murphy

Dedicated to all those affected by the Humboldt tragedy.


  1. Well done. I am not aware of the Humboldt tragedy but I’ll look it up. I’m a friend of your mom’s who lives in the lower 48, Oregon to be exact. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re really good at it.

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  2. I’m completely speechless. This is the one of the best written pieces that I’ve ever read. Made me cry but ended up with a smile by the end.
    I don’t have a personal connection to any of the victims, survivors, families, friends or their respective partners. However, I have followed from the day the accident happened. I have read about each person on the bus and looked at their individual photos.
    I would love to be able to tell each family how sorry I am and wrap my arms around all. Since I can’t do that, I hope someone sees this message and know that I continue sending my love to you daily. ❤️

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