As a child, we all start with so much goodness inside us.  I wrote this to serve as a reminder, that if you are blessed to have little ears around you, who spend their days listening to the words you speak – let them be kind ones.  One negative, critical comment can stay with someone forever.   Your words have the power to start a ripple in a child’s thinking, that he or she may have to ride the wave of their entire life.  Make those words inspiring and positive and loving.   It is just as important to teach little ones about kindness towards themselves, as it is to teach kindness towards others.  There are so many children (and adults) out there, who need to be loved, and supported, and encouraged.


I walk in the room as I stare at my feet

Hoping today they will leave me a seat

I just want a friend, I just want a break

Of being alone, from the tears, and the ache

Day after day, I beg and I plead

God grant me some peace, oh how I’m in need

I look in the mirror, repulsed and depressed

Trapped in this body, a broken down mess

They hate me, they tease me, they torture me most

With laughing and taunting and cruelty utmost

The days are so long, I wish it would end

The rejection, the turmoil, the need to pretend

The nights are so short, I wish I could rest

But the dread and the pain, it fills up my chest

According to them, I’m this or I’m that

It’s not even true, but they spread it like fact

I’m learning to live in the character they’ve cast

I’m weird, and I’m ugly, I should be harassed

Your words are embedded, and rooted down deep

My confidence, my smiles, the joy that they reap

Long after they’re gone and unable to reach me

The damage is done; now seeing what they see

If only I fought, and voiced the abuse

My bully’d be gone, and instead wears my shoes.

Written by Afton Murphy

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