Little Wonders

You snuggle in tight, eyes of wonder and blue

Sleepy and dreamy with sparkling hue.

You drift off to slumber, to rest in the night

So peaceful, so little, but growing in spite.

I clutch to the wish that tomorrow you’ll be

Still innocent, still spirited, still longing for me.

I swallow on rocks that find their way tight

In my throat as I know that you’re growing so bright.

I weep in the quiet alone in my head

As I grasp for the minutes to rewind instead.

I beg and I plead for this thief they call time

To please just slow down, to stop on a dime.

My little, my treasure, my beautiful babe

Not long now a grown up will start to take shape.

For tomorrow I’ll hold you and squeeze you so tight

To remember the child I just kissed goodnight.

Today I will study  your giggles, your looks

But a memory in storage, your picture I took.

Burned deep in my mind, in the soul of my heart

This image of you fast asleep in the dark.

So grateful and blessed to call you my own

I will love you forever, you made us a home.

Written July 19, 2015 – by Afton Murphy


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